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Harmonic Egg in Arizona

Harmonic Resonance Therapy

Prices and Packages

We are noticing that with multiple sessions in the Harmonic Egg the benefits of a calm mind and body are exponential. After several treatments, your body reaches the deep relaxed state much quicker in the session and the results are sustained longer.

We’ve decided to adjust the prices for sessions to become accessible as a regular compliment to your wellness practices.


First Session: $75
1 HR Session: $90
Package of 5: $375 ($75 per session) $75 savings!

NEW Monthly (3 month commitment):
1x per month – $75 or 2x per month for $150 ($75 per) Best Value

Referral Program

Refer a new client to try the Harmonic Egg for a regular session will result in getting $15 off your next session. Everyone’s first time will include a $15 discount as an introductory pricing. Be sure to mention who recommended you when you visit.

Harmonic Egg Reviews

I’ve been seeing Stacy for various treatments for years and have always been thrilled with the results! Recently I tried out her new Harmonic Egg for chronic lower back pain. I was so surprised what a huge difference it made in my day to day life since nothing I’ve ever tried over the years has helped. I’m so excited to find so much relief in such a simple treatment!  – Maree 

Yes, I meditate daily and I’ve been very pleased with it, but this Harmonic Egg was about 100 tiimes more powerful in it’s ability to reset my nervous system. What I mean by that is the Calm that the Egg gave me after the session lasted almost as strongly for the next 7-10 days. I live in Phoenix but I’m gonna make arrangements to start going up to Sedona monthly to have a session because I  know the benefits of keeping the body calm and at peace. Thank you Stacy. – Gerry

<Client> and I are excited about the Harmonic Egg! We saw an immediate improvement in <their> mobility and cognition following <their> first session. <Client> has an unspecified neurological impairment and western medicine has not offered any remedies. What a blessing to discover the Harmonic Egg! <Client> looks forward to and loves <their> time in the egg. We are committed to continued treatment…

How it works

The Harmonic Egg uses a combination of light and sound therapy; reducing stress on the body and placing the autonomic nervous system into optimal balance, this leads to health and well-being.

This is done by using symphonic music harmonically mastered to guide the brain into different naturally beneficial brainwaves. We naturally shift through these waves throughout our day, but we can become stuck in challenging brainwave patterns. The HolosonicSpa360 is designed to shift you into the brainwave states that they are for meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation.

What to Expect

The day you schedule you Harmonic Egg session, prepare your day around relaxation, including time afterward for integrating the benefits.

Each session is composed of music and a short period of silence for grounding and reflection. You remain inside the chamber the entire time. The chamber is spacious and comfortable (about the size and space of car) and should not disturb those with claustrophobia. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

The full effects of the session integrates over the course of 5-7 days. It is during this time that it is very important to stay hydrated, both the day of and the week following.